Placement Pro

Increase enrollment and placement rates with our school automation platform.

Admissions Department

Lead management, email campaigns, appointment scheduling, appointment reminders (text/email), admissions surveys, and much more!


Lead conversion, enrollment tracking, attendance tracking (GPS in app), enrollment reports, text messaging and more!

Career Services

Resume Generation, Externship site management, text messaging, externship site attendance


Attendance, Document Delivery, Automated Email Campaigns, Surveys, and more!

Easy to Use Resume Builder

Your students will be automatically invited to your custom mobile application (iOS & Android) upon enrollment. They can enter their personal details inside the mobile app, and your career services staff can generate resumes instantly.

Certificate of Completion Generator

Placement Pro can automatically create all of your student's certificates. We will guide you through the initial setup of the certificate templates (just a word doc). Once the template is created, your staff can generate personalized certificates on demand.

Your own Mobile Application

We have an optional mobile application for iOS and Android that we can tailor to match your school's branding. The mobile application allows for instructors to provide documents to students, automated attendance, as well as resume profile entry.

Attendance powered by GeoLocation

Our mobile application utilizes the GPS sensors in the student's mobile device to ensure they are on campus when entering attendance. Instructors simply print out bar codes for each day of class, and the students use their smart phone to scan the bar code which will enter their attendance. No special hardware or connectivity required.

Admissions Appointments

Getting prospective students enrolled into your programs is critical to your institution. Our Admissions Calendar empowers your staff to ensure they are maximizing their time, and our automated notifications and reminders help achieve a higher enrollment rate.

Text Messaging

Text Messaging is a highly effective communication channel when properly utilized. Our Communication Manager makes text messaging as easy as email. In our lead and student detail pages, you can see the entire student text message history, which helps when staff members are out of the office.

Lead Management

As your institution acquires leads it becomes very difficult to keep track of when to follow up. Placement Pro keeps track of the next follow up date, and gives your admissions staff a dashboard with students that need to be contacted today, which helps reduce cognitive load on your staff so they can focus on their daily activities.

Is Placement Pro right for your school?

Placement Pro Works Perfectly on All Devices

Placement Pro is an HTML 5 Responsive Web Application, which allows for the application to work on a wide variety of devices.

User Experience

Our goal is to give each department a customized view tailored to their use case. We strive to make your life easier, and would love to hear feedback from our users to improve the platform.

Cloud Based

Placement Pro runs on the Microsoft cloud, features auto-scaling, auto backups, and secure by default.

Flexible Technology

Our entire platform is build on top of our API. If you would like to integrate Placement Pro with your own mobile app, fine with us. Want to export leads to your SIS once they enroll? We can help you do that.

Creative Solutions

We have worked with our private beta customers to optimize their workflows, and we continue to measure and learn. Perfection is the goal, optimization in the path.

Would you like to learn more?

One of our staff members will be happy to answer your questions. No high pressure sales tactics, we promise.