Placement Pro: An Admissions Story

The story has two main actors Amber from Admissions and Shelly the potential student. In this story we will describe the process from both perspectives, so that the benefits of the system can be understood.

Shelly does a google search for Phlebotomy, as she is interested in a career in the medical field and calls a number for a local vocational college. Amber speaks with Shelly about her future in the medical industry, explains more about the school, instructors and program requirements. Although Shelly is interested, she just isn’t ready for the time commitment at this point due to life circumstances, but she lets Amber know she wants to start the program in about 3 months. After Amber collects Shelly’s contact details, they finish up their phone conversation.

At this point, let’s take a break and see how Placement Pro has improved the situation:

  1. When a lead in added to the system, they can be sent an automated email sequence. This sequence will explain the benefits of your program, more details about your institution, as well as testimonials and reviews that will help build confidence with your leads.
  2. When Amber added Shelly into Placement Pro, she set the next follow-up date two months in the future. Placement Pro reminds your admissions counselors daily which ensures your leads are engaged appropriately.


Fast forward 2 months and let’s continue.

Amber opens Placement Pro and today is special. Today Amber is reminded by Placement Pro to contact Shelly, who is interested in Phlebotomy, and wasn’t ready 2 months ago, but would like to start class in about a month. Amber tries to call Shelly, but gets no answer, and leaves a voicemail. Amber uses the built-in text messaging of Placement Pro and sends a follow up text message to Amber, which Amber replies instantly to, letting Shelly know she is working, and will call her back during her lunch break.

Around noon Amber calls Shelly, and Amber is very excited. She is ready to start her Phlebotomy class and would like to meet with Amber to discuss further. Shelly creates an appointment in Placement Pro, using the Admissions Calendar to determine a time that works for both parties.


At this point, let’s take a break and see how Placement Pro has improved the situation:

  1. The Appointment Calendar make it very easy to see your entire Admission schedule and find available appointments.
  2. The Automated Appointment notifications send both an email and a text message when an appointment is created. This notification will help improve your lead appointment completion rate.
  3. The Automated Appointment Reminder notification sends both an email and a text message the day before an appointment. This notification really helps to remind leads and will also help improve your lead appointment completion rate.


Fast forward to the appointment date and let’s continue.

Amber and Shelly meet, and after about an hour of touring the campus and finding out more details, Amber is ready to sign an enrollment agreement. Once the enrollment agreement is signed, Shelly is now a student! The admissions process is complete, and this lead has converted! But that isn’t where this story stops. Check out our next blog post describing the next steps, and how Placement Pro can help you there as well.

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